Discover Marrakech with style and comfort through our fleet of rental vehicles, selected to enhance your stay.

Citroën C3: Perfect for the alleys of the medina, this city car combines style and modern technologies for effortless urban driving.
Kia Picanto: Small yet powerful, the Picanto is the ideal companion for city getaways, offering maneuverability and fuel efficiency.
Toyota Yaris: Reliable and economical, the Yaris is designed for families, with spacious interiors and advanced safety features.
Hyundai i10: This practical car ensures comfort and visibility, ideal for budget-conscious travelers.
Dacia Logan: The Logan, economical and robust, is suitable for both daily commutes and long-distance trips.
Renault Clio: With its modern interior and smooth driving experience, the Clio is versatile, and perfect for urban roads and highways.
Peugeot 208: It stands out for its elegance and intuitive technology, offering a driving experience that is both performance-oriented and eco-friendly.
Renault Clio5: The Clio5, with its latest technological advancements, promises improved and connected driving.
Dacia Lodgy: Perfect for families or groups, the Lodgy offers space and flexibility with great comfort.
Dacia Duster: Explore less-traveled roads with confidence aboard this robust and comfortable SUV.
Renault Megan: A dynamic sedan that combines comfort and performance for an elegant driving experience.
Jeep Renegade: This compact SUV is your adventure companion, ideal for discovering Marrakech’s diverse landscapes.
Hyundai Tucson: The Tucson, with its spacious interior and safety technologies, is perfect for long family trips.
Volkswagen T-Roc: A bold crossover offering style and performance for drivers seeking a solid driving experience.
Volkswagen Touareg: For luxury enthusiasts, the Touareg combines space, power, and cutting-edge technology for a premium travel experience.
Range Rover Evoque: Embody luxury and performance with the Evoque, a premium SUV for an exceptional rental experience.

*Color and fuel type are subject to availability

With 555 Experiences, the road becomes part of your adventure. Choose the vehicle that suits your style and let us drive you to extraordinary places.